Get photograph with models and castles in Tutbury

Tutbury Castle visitors are being handed the unique scope to click pro models in costume in a real eleventh Century Castle with magnificent views. Because of popular demands, Tutbury Castle would again open their doors for both amateur and pro photographers to take some stunning snaps as well as capture the site’s history.
The models would sport dresses of different historical times and they would pose around the venue along with historical artifacts. Tutbury’s Castle Street’s curator Lesley Smith told that this is a scope that did not come around on a regular basis and the fans of the venue must get the chance.

According to reports, she told that photographers really love this there and a lot of the enthusiasts who would prefer to have a scope to take picture pro models just could not simply afford them. This is their scope – all day.

Well, the photoshoot will take place on 29th March, Sunday, from 10 am till 4 pm. Tickets for each person would cost £10 and there are no age confinements for the event. Tutbury Castle's tea room would also serve a range of cold and hot food as well as refreshments throughout the whole day.

Tutbury Castle is a ruined medieval castle where Mary Queen of Scots was once a prisoner and now which belongs to Duchy of Lancaster. You can get tickets from www.burtonmail.co.uk or you can call at 01283 812129.