New Matter: The Exhibition Redefines Photography Ditching the Traditional Concept

As far as the field of photography is concerned, it is going through a continuous process of change and innovation.

An event namely, New Matter: Recent Forms of Photography, has rightly questioned the traditional concepts of photography by exhibiting some of the works ofcontemporary artists. Those photographs challenge the pre-conceived notions related to the art of photography.

This NSW exhibition displays the works of 14 artists, some of them are Australian, and others belong to different countries. The main aim of this show is to raise the question: "What is it that people wish to see when they look at the pictures?"

Isobel Parker, the assistant curator of The Art Gallery of New South Wales, said that all the works which are being exhibited are paving a new way for understanding a photograph differently. She also said that the subject matters of the photographs have been intelligently chosen by the artist that too in a unique way. All the artists showed some new techniques of shooting instead of following the traditional ways.

Artists whose works are now being displayed in the show are Charles Dennington, Jacqueline Ball, Todd McMillan, Matthew Brandt, Danica Chappell, James Tylor, Luke Parker, Walead Beshty, Christopher Day, Kate Robertson, Cherine Fahd, Justine Varga, and Zoë Croggon.

The exhibition will continue until February 2017 with various kinds of conversational sessions. Famous artists will deliver speeches on their work and their concept of photography. Also, there will be Mr. Geoffrey Batchen, the professor, who will enlighten the audience with his special lecture about photography.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition

From the oceans depths to the frozen mountain tops, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit lionizes the rich regalia of life on this world, and now Bristol's MShed is showcasing hundred of the contest’s most magnificent photographs.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

A stunning but haunting portrayal of the battle for life in a subarctic climate snatched the top spot in the 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. The snapshot, clicked by Canadian amateur photographer Don Gutoski is being showcased at MShed as the nature photography show on Earth makes its yearly pilgrimage to Bristol from the Natural History Museum, London, this time backed by a Manchester restaurant offers website.

The prestigious exhibition and competition celebrates the robust array of life on this planet, showcasing its beauty as well as spotlighting its frangibleness. It show the natural world's most challenging and stunning sights; from interesting animal behavior and wild landscapes, to humans relationships and the natural world.

Don, an emergency physician, received the prize of 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year by a panel of judges for his snap of Tale of Two Foxes, clicked in the subarctic weathers of Cape Churchill in Canada. Beating over 42000 entries given from ninety-six nations, Don's shot grabbed centre stage in the exhibit. Last month, it was premiered at Natural History Museum.

Boudoir photographer finds Instagram success

A Franklin photographer has metamorphosed a portion of a historic home in the heart of the town into a place to spotlight the beauty of women – not just the outer beauty, but the inner beauty as well.

BoudoirMAVEN, Katrina Cook’s full-service boudoir studio puts the spotlight on making women feel beautiful by showcasing their personality, uniqueness and confidence via a custom-made photography session.

The Florida-lady turned her love for photography into a profession around 6 years ago, having previously worked at Greece yacht charters. She started specializing in boudoir a few years back and she was really inspired to create her own studio so women could embrace their beauty. She told that she just fell in love with making women feel good about them. This is one of the best feelings ever.

Her clients’ ages revolves around 30s to late 50s and even early 60s. Each photo session pampers women with accessories, professional stylists, hair and makeup, posing direction as well as champagne. She added that everyone has various things regarding them which make them really beautiful. And, her main target is to remind that they are really beautiful.

After signing up a lease earlier in September, Katrina jumped right into the busy season that runs from October to February. At present, she gets 5 clients per day and she engages in editing up till 2 am. The pressure is intense, but one just has to relish it. Her insagram page has also managed to get over 15000 followers.

Photographers Sam Harris is in high demand

Sam Harris has on-line residencies with Photographers Gallery in London and Burn Magazine, international exhibitions and interviews in New Delhi, Los Angeles and Sydney. He began using Instagram just previous year, sharing snaps from his ongoing family diary.

He was totally overwhelmed when his account was selected as a featured user out of over two hundred million accounts. This resulted in twenty thousand followers. Now, he is one of the leading photographers on Instagram in Australia.

The well known French photography mag L'Oeil De La Photographie published an in-depth chat regarding his twenty-five year career. Harris prefers linking his artistic practice along with teaching photography as well as sharing his experience and knowledge.

He organizes photography workshops both locally as well as overseas with his wife Yael. He also lectures on photography regularly at South West Institute of Technology, Bunbury. From 24th July, Harris would run an 8 week evening course called - Introduction to Photography.
Harris stated that this course offers a comprehensive overview on how to use your DSLR camera in manual mode.
Every week, they would cover various aspects of the camera along with the different basic elements of photography. People would become creative and confident the camera and also learn how to see and think like a photographer. The whole thing would be easier and fun then one might think.

Uptown photography competition

A alliance of urban art groups in Uptown is asking on young budding snappers to enter a competition which celebs Uptown's people as well as explores a altering community dominant with class tension. Rogers Park resident Tom Callahan, 23, is arranging the Uptown Portrait Photography Prize, a competition accepting entries from applicants 21 of age and younger till 15th July in lieu of an August exhibit featuring twenty winning snaps.

Callahan, who is associated with one of the competition's sponsors Connect Force, told that this contest offers a scope for youth in the community to represent themselves on their own terms, outside of most of the dialog that is out there media wise.

Elephant Rebellion and Kuumba Lynx are also sponsoring this competition. Callahan also said that he wants the young shutterbugs to show the positivity as well as the realness that only street portrait photography can show.

On his gallery website, Callahan posted: 'There are those who think it’s unlikely for one Chicago or even one Uptown to exist......Those residents will point their fingers and cameras, at gang fights or graffiti and wonder just what is happening to their neighborhood. Some will blame the alderman, the thugs, the homeless shelters, the poor, the gay, the immigrants, the kids, the parents, welfare and say they are the problem with Uptown, with Chicago, while others will simply not care.'

He added that still, others would speak about the beauty of Uptown the food, diversity, history, and tell how it is neighborhoods such as this one that really reveal Chicago's beauty.

Amy Lockard and her love for photography

Photographer Amy Lockard has a wealth of experience that includes outdoor nature photography, fine art, weddings, features and hard news. And now, she is exhibiting her pictures from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Lockard told that her photographs concentrate on light and water as top themes, showing many pictures of sunrises, sunsets, waterfalls and Lake Superior. Through these pictures, she is talking the importance of ‘being present in the moment’ so that one can fully absorb the healing powers as well as the beauty nature in moments like these.

The exhibit starts from 1st February, Friday from 7 pm to 9 pm, featuring a gallery reception, with an opportunity to meet Clinton Township artist as well as light refreshments.

Lockard stated that photography has always been a personal therapy as well as form of artistic expression for her, the pictures in this event exemplify his days through the lens and back to himself. She begun studying photography when he was in high school and that time he won a Gold Key, 2 Silver Keys as well as portfolio acceptance to contest in New York at Scholastic Art and Writing awards.

She told that she studied journalism at the Oakland University with expectation that his pictures background would be a real asset for news reporting. she had a black and white picture featured in Oakland University Student photography event in the year 2002. After an internship in photojournalism with Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan, this subject turned into his career focus.

Mid-South is the right place for bird photography

With around fifty million bird watchers in the US, it appears that some of them would prefer to take the object of love to their home. But here we are actually speaking about photography and not taxidermy.

East Memphis’s Curt Hart is a well photographer. Well known websites such as and ebird .com have already used his images for many purposes. Now curt has some advice for new bird watchers – one cannot do it with their cell phone camera. One can use their cell phones but the results would not be good.

Sixty five year old Hart, who is the ex – radio talk show host, is assistant to the University of Memphis’ vice provost. Clicking pictures is his passion. When he was in college, he was introduced in photography.

He told that he had taken it with them in 5 states where he has worked. He loves to take pictures of birds because it does not speak; and in fact, they are quite nicer compared to most ball players. Recently, he taught a session on how to photograph birds of the mid – south region. He told that this is the right range to take pictures of the birds.

Another bird photographer Allen Sparks, who is also the member of Memphis Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society, told that going into the field or backyard birding is really a widespread interest. It is quite natural for people to try to capture its pictures.

Photographer Yang Che-yi helps children to connect

Yang Che-yi, a professional photographer is asking the offshore islands’ children to dream big by taking on a program called “Send a Picture Postcard to the World.” To Dongjyu’s children, Taiwan is not the centre of the world, but its Nangan, which is the most developed and populated island of this region, which is surrounded by sea. The photographer told that the kids of the island feel isolated from the rest of the world and they also lack a sense of belonging.

Thirty one year old Yang Che-yi was inspired by this situation to produce a new hope to the island’s children and alter their lives with ‘photography education.’ Yang is carrying on this program in the isolated localities so that the kids find out beauty of their own land through the lens of the camera. Snaps clicked by kids will be exhibited and will also be made into postcards to send to other countries. Yang thinks that by this initiative, the kids of this region would feel connected to the rest of the planet.

Actually, Yang had this idea back in 2009, but the program only started last year. Till now, the photographer has visited Matsu’s Lanyu and Dongjyu, Penghu’s Huayu Islet and Taitung County.
This year, he has got plans to make some stops at Yilan County and Nanao Township; and nest year, he has plans to go to Taitung, Yunlin, Hualien and Pingtung counties. He added that that he might also take this program to other countries like Myanmar, Myanmar and Thailand.

MoMA’s New Photography 2012

Since it was founded in the year 1985, the New Photography exhibition that takes place at the Museum of Modern Art in New York city, has sought to exhibit rising photographers were are trying out with presentation, subject matter and techniques that challenge the definition of the medium itself.

The aim has only got tougher each year, as advancement in social media and technology has pelted viewers with a development of pictures. Recently, a loading newspaper predicted that over 380 billion pictures were taken in the year 2011 only.

This year’s show has started on 3rd October and it will go on till 4th February. The featured photographers of this year’s event are Anne Collier, Zoe Crosher, Shirana Shahbazi, Michele Abeles, Ji Weiyu and Song Tao (Shanghai natives),

Eva Respini, the associate curator, tells that they think about diversity and variety so that every artist – no matter what ideas they are exploring, will stay apart from the other photographer. It is actually in the blend of the artists that one can get a sense of the variety of what is going on in modern day photography.

The installation of the event itself reveals the changing nature of photography. Here the viewers can see traditional fashions of presentations like they may see framed pictures on the wall. With the new and various kind of output from the photographers themselves, MoMa surely expects to heighten the 2012 New Photography from other photography exhibitions.

David Beckham spending time on photography

Well believe it or not, former England footballer David Beckham is secretly trying to be a photographer. According to reports, the soccer icon has really become obsessed with clicking pictures and he has already bought expensive camera equipment that would help him in his new hobby.

An insider told a leading newspaper that Beckham never keeps his camera aside since taking photography lesson. He also bought some photography guide books and spends hours after hours in an attempt to perfect his clicks.

He takes snaps of almost everything – bird in his backyard, the sky, flowers or even his kids playing soccer. The insider added that he has spent a huge amount of money for his camera equipments which are surely better compared to some professional photographers.

In the meantime, recently Beckham revealed that his fourteen month old daughter is a blend him as and his wife Victoria as Harper is into football and handbags. Thirty seven year old soccer star is very happy that her daughter recently kicked a football on the pitch and she is also learning traits from both from him and her fashion designer mother. She is also getting tips from her brothers Brooklyn (13), Romeo (10) and 7 year old Cruz.

David told that his boys are running around with Harper to make sure that she does not fall on the ground. She is also hitting balls and carrying handbags.