Burnaby's Connor

Burnaby's Connor Stefanison gets two international wildlife photo awards

Fixing a camera on a steep cliffside as well as putting up in a boat in a fenland attempting to keep still with pack of mosquitoes buzzing around — those are few of the lengths wildlife photographer Connor Stefanison will go to get the perfect image.

The 24 year old man from Burnaby said that he often thinks why he is standing out in these places and getting them, but if someone is obsessed with what they are doing enough, one would stay out to get the shot.

Recently, all these attempts have won the twenty-four-year-old Stefanison two well known international photography awards — the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award in Rising Star category from Natural History Museum in the United Kingdom, as well as Fritz Polking Junior Prize from Society of German Wildlife Photographers.

Stefanison, who is honored with the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for the 2nd time, would have his winning snaps displayed at Royal B.C. Museum from 4th Dec, 2015 to 4th April, 2016. One of his winning photographs is a serene photograph of a goat lying on its side under a star filled sky.

Stefanison said that the snap was clicked in southeast BC, during a backpacking tour with one of his friends. He added that it appeared to him that the goat became accustomed to their presence. It was also hard for him to find them. It was a 25-second exposure. This means if the goat moves, then the shot is ruined. And, this is his favorite portfolio shot this year.