Boudoir photographer finds Instagram success

A Franklin photographer has metamorphosed a portion of a historic home in the heart of the town into a place to spotlight the beauty of women – not just the outer beauty, but the inner beauty as well.

BoudoirMAVEN, Katrina Cook’s full-service boudoir studio puts the spotlight on making women feel beautiful by showcasing their personality, uniqueness and confidence via a custom-made photography session.

The Florida-lady turned her love for photography into a profession around 6 years ago, having previously worked at Greece yacht charters. She started specializing in boudoir a few years back and she was really inspired to create her own studio so women could embrace their beauty. She told that she just fell in love with making women feel good about them. This is one of the best feelings ever.

Her clients’ ages revolves around 30s to late 50s and even early 60s. Each photo session pampers women with accessories, professional stylists, hair and makeup, posing direction as well as champagne. She added that everyone has various things regarding them which make them really beautiful. And, her main target is to remind that they are really beautiful.

After signing up a lease earlier in September, Katrina jumped right into the busy season that runs from October to February. At present, she gets 5 clients per day and she engages in editing up till 2 am. The pressure is intense, but one just has to relish it. Her insagram page has also managed to get over 15000 followers.