Mid-South is the right place for bird photography

With around fifty million bird watchers in the US, it appears that some of them would prefer to take the object of love to their home. But here we are actually speaking about photography and not taxidermy.

East Memphis’s Curt Hart is a well photographer. Well known websites such as whatbird.com and ebird .com have already used his images for many purposes. Now curt has some advice for new bird watchers – one cannot do it with their cell phone camera. One can use their cell phones but the results would not be good.

Sixty five year old Hart, who is the ex – radio talk show host, is assistant to the University of Memphis’ vice provost. Clicking pictures is his passion. When he was in college, he was introduced in photography.

He told that he had taken it with them in 5 states where he has worked. He loves to take pictures of birds because it does not speak; and in fact, they are quite nicer compared to most ball players. Recently, he taught a session on how to photograph birds of the mid – south region. He told that this is the right range to take pictures of the birds.

Another bird photographer Allen Sparks, who is also the member of Memphis Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society, told that going into the field or backyard birding is really a widespread interest. It is quite natural for people to try to capture its pictures.

Photographer Yang Che-yi helps children to connect

Yang Che-yi, a professional photographer is asking the offshore islands’ children to dream big by taking on a program called “Send a Picture Postcard to the World.” To Dongjyu’s children, Taiwan is not the centre of the world, but its Nangan, which is the most developed and populated island of this region, which is surrounded by sea. The photographer told that the kids of the island feel isolated from the rest of the world and they also lack a sense of belonging.

Thirty one year old Yang Che-yi was inspired by this situation to produce a new hope to the island’s children and alter their lives with ‘photography education.’ Yang is carrying on this program in the isolated localities so that the kids find out beauty of their own land through the lens of the camera. Snaps clicked by kids will be exhibited and will also be made into postcards to send to other countries. Yang thinks that by this initiative, the kids of this region would feel connected to the rest of the planet.

Actually, Yang had this idea back in 2009, but the program only started last year. Till now, the photographer has visited Matsu’s Lanyu and Dongjyu, Penghu’s Huayu Islet and Taitung County.
This year, he has got plans to make some stops at Yilan County and Nanao Township; and nest year, he has plans to go to Taitung, Yunlin, Hualien and Pingtung counties. He added that that he might also take this program to other countries like Myanmar, Myanmar and Thailand.

MoMA’s New Photography 2012

Since it was founded in the year 1985, the New Photography exhibition that takes place at the Museum of Modern Art in New York city, has sought to exhibit rising photographers were are trying out with presentation, subject matter and techniques that challenge the definition of the medium itself.

The aim has only got tougher each year, as advancement in social media and technology has pelted viewers with a development of pictures. Recently, a loading newspaper predicted that over 380 billion pictures were taken in the year 2011 only.

This year’s show has started on 3rd October and it will go on till 4th February. The featured photographers of this year’s event are Anne Collier, Zoe Crosher, Shirana Shahbazi, Michele Abeles, Ji Weiyu and Song Tao (Shanghai natives),

Eva Respini, the associate curator, tells that they think about diversity and variety so that every artist – no matter what ideas they are exploring, will stay apart from the other photographer. It is actually in the blend of the artists that one can get a sense of the variety of what is going on in modern day photography.

The installation of the event itself reveals the changing nature of photography. Here the viewers can see traditional fashions of presentations like they may see framed pictures on the wall. With the new and various kind of output from the photographers themselves, MoMa surely expects to heighten the 2012 New Photography from other photography exhibitions.

David Beckham spending time on photography

Well believe it or not, former England footballer David Beckham is secretly trying to be a photographer. According to reports, the soccer icon has really become obsessed with clicking pictures and he has already bought expensive camera equipment that would help him in his new hobby.

An insider told a leading newspaper that Beckham never keeps his camera aside since taking photography lesson. He also bought some photography guide books and spends hours after hours in an attempt to perfect his clicks.

He takes snaps of almost everything – bird in his backyard, the sky, flowers or even his kids playing soccer. The insider added that he has spent a huge amount of money for his camera equipments which are surely better compared to some professional photographers.

In the meantime, recently Beckham revealed that his fourteen month old daughter is a blend him as and his wife Victoria as Harper is into football and handbags. Thirty seven year old soccer star is very happy that her daughter recently kicked a football on the pitch and she is also learning traits from both from him and her fashion designer mother. She is also getting tips from her brothers Brooklyn (13), Romeo (10) and 7 year old Cruz.

David told that his boys are running around with Harper to make sure that she does not fall on the ground. She is also hitting balls and carrying handbags.

Canon Power Shot S 100

If you are in search for a good quality point shoot camera then, like Tim from Glamour photographer manchester is, Canon Power Shot S 100 is the ideal choice for the individual. The particular model has been launched by Canon in the end of 2011. The camera falls to the category of compact digital camera and it is really very handy to use. Canon Power Shot S 100 has been designed in such a manner that it easily gets fitted inside the pocket of an individual.

Canon Power Shot S 100 is the very next model of Canon power Shot S 90. The latter model was very slick and was well known for its compact size and shape but, S 100 has been given much slimmer shape than S 90. So, you can easily carry the camera to any where and anywhere you wish to. The particular will not take any extra place to fit in and this will help an individual not to miss a single moment.

Digic 5 image processor has been installed in this particular. This technology helps an individual to take good quality snaps in high shutter speed along with high ISO settings. This processor is much faster than the previous one and it helps to shoot faster than before. Multi white balance system is also there in the camera which analyzes and tells the user whether any sort of adjustment of camera setting is required or not.

This camera has been given 12.1 mega pixel CMOS sensor which helps to deliver good quality picture that can be even compared with the image that has been clicked by a DSLR. The particular model is very good launch by Canon and is the ideal product for a user who is in search for a point and shoot camera that delivers pictures with great detailing.

School Photography

May be you already discovered this branch of Photography as a business. Children are adorable and the best shots I have seen are “natural”, “real life” photos. However in the Elementary years, it is nice for a parent to have the Kids photographed alone and with their peers.

From the point of view of the photographer, things may be different - Tom from Davenport Green wedding photographers explains...

"In the first place you will need an assistant to organize the children by age, or class number; secondly, any kind of headache reliever could be an asset. Lastly, patience will be your great virtue to endure the times when you cannot keep them posed or to stay put for a shot.

Remember that not everybody is photogenic!"


4 basic licenses are included in Creative Commons Licensing:

Attribution license means, in this particular case, that people can use your photo as long as your name is mentioned..

Share Alike
Share alike license that when secondary works are created/designed with your original as a base, they can only obtain a license as "Share Alike."

No Derivatives
No Derivatives license means that only true copies of your photograph can be given/taken for distribution. In other words, your work cannot be altered, cropped or colored.

Non-commercial license means that your photographs can be copied, used for secondary works and shared make but not for money in any way.

All these licences can be modified and combined in different ways.

Save your work in a safe place.

This recommendation seems obvious but it is surprising how many of us loose our creative work in phantomable ways.

Saving Photos to DVD’s is the best way to keep your treasures. A DVD can hold more than 15,000 high-quality pictures. Light as well as temperature can affect the quality of your DVD’s; make sure not to store them in sun filled areas.



This Polaroid camera is the latest inspiration from the Instagram enthusiast which is just a concept device but it has started creating ripples from the photography critics. It is very smooth and the quality is all amazing. Let’s take a look at this fascinating device, which was first recommend to us by Tim at Portrait Photography Cheshire.

The ADR studios have set up the inspiration from the Instamatic look alike model. It is rather a concept than the actual real product, but overall its fun. If you do not know about the Instagram being merged with Facebook you are missing out behind the curtain drama. This gadget will let Facebook users share the photos on their Social network using the "InstaOS".

They can also click and print images directly from the device using the built in printer. This Polaroid camera prints photo with a QR code which will provide other Socialmatic connections to get the updated feed from the photographer. This can be done by simple pointing the gadget on the code. Another creative aspect about this camera is that it also has a adhesive strip which will allow users to paste them across walls and surroundings.

Will this thing work? What will be the cost? Well these are something which cannot be predicted as of now. The only thing we know is this device prints images better than a Polaroid camera and the images printed will lasts longer than the Polaroid print images of the past.


Weeks and weeks go into planning a wedding in order to create magical moments that fleet by in a matter of hours. What better way to capture these moments than with a videography that you can pull out time and again to relive those special moments?

A videography captures the love story of a couple as it unfolds on their special wedding day. For years to come, the wedding couple will treasure this timeless memory of some of the most important moments of their life. A videography allows the wedding couple to relive the wedding without the stress.

The wedding videography should be as carefully thought out as the rest of the wedding, and is done expertly by wedding photography derbyshire. The bride takes seemingly forever to decide which gown to buy, what style of wedding cake to select, which color the bridesmaids are going to wear, what songs will be played at the wedding, the type of flowers for the bouquets, and more. The videography is going to capture all of this along with the special glances, the delicate touches, and the subtle nuances that are exchanged not only between the bride and groom, but also, among the rest of the guests.

A videographer can also create a photo montage of your courtship or wedding photos. Each photo is displayed for approximately 4 to 5 seconds with music in the background. One of the easiest options is to select music that goes well with each of your photos rather than a separate song for each photo.

Selecting a angle song allows viewers to capture the feel of the song and creates a mood more easily than hearing little snippets of this and that. Additionally, the photos are displayed to the beat of the music to create the best effect. To create a faster pace, select upbeat music. For a slower pace, select music that has a slow or moderate tempo. In fact, a combination of music can work to your advantage in creating the perfect effect.

In general, 3 to 4 minutes of music is used for approximately 25 photos. Plus, using specific music for a specific set of photos increases the amount of work a videographer will have to do. This will increase your cost by as much as 50 cents a photo. Plus, the effect is not quite the same.

There are two basic styles for a videography including documentary and what has been referred to as the 'MTV style' by Tim at wedding photography stockport. Both types of videographies will undergo some form of editing before the finished product is created. The goal is to create the best narrative of the wedding event.

The MTV style doesn't always follow the flow of wedding events during filming. The videographer might decide to stage filming opportunities of the wedding couple to portray specific moments. Remember that the still photographer will also be posing you for photos before making a decision as to the style of videographer that you select. However, this style of videography is a good choice for the couple that has specific ideas in mind.

The documentary style of videography films the events as they occur in a journalistic manner. The filmed moments are candid and rarely posed. Usually, this style films moments that the wedding couple are not aware of including those involving the wedding guests and intimate moments of the wedding couple.

No matter which style you are considering for your videography, make your selection of a videographer carefully. This is something that needs to be done correctly the first time since that is the only time. If possible, ask for recommendations and to see copies of his work before signing the contract.


This is a review of the Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 SWD camera released recently. The Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 SWD is a fast and robust telephoto zoom lens for the Four Thirds system. Offering an angle-of-view range similar to that of a 100-400mm lens on a 35mm body, the Zuiko Digital ED 50-200mm f/2.8-3.5 SWD boasts a dust- and drip-proof construction, a Supersonic Wave Drive auto-focus motor and an iris diaphragm with 9 rounded blades. The optical formula comprises 16 lens elements arranged in 15 groups, including no less than 3 ED glass elements.