New Matter: The Exhibition Redefines Photography Ditching the Traditional Concept

As far as the field of photography is concerned, it is going through a continuous process of change and innovation.

An event namely, New Matter: Recent Forms of Photography, has rightly questioned the traditional concepts of photography by exhibiting some of the works ofcontemporary artists. Those photographs challenge the pre-conceived notions related to the art of photography.

This NSW exhibition displays the works of 14 artists, some of them are Australian, and others belong to different countries. The main aim of this show is to raise the question: "What is it that people wish to see when they look at the pictures?"

Isobel Parker, the assistant curator of The Art Gallery of New South Wales, said that all the works which are being exhibited are paving a new way for understanding a photograph differently. She also said that the subject matters of the photographs have been intelligently chosen by the artist that too in a unique way. All the artists showed some new techniques of shooting instead of following the traditional ways.

Artists whose works are now being displayed in the show are Charles Dennington, Jacqueline Ball, Todd McMillan, Matthew Brandt, Danica Chappell, James Tylor, Luke Parker, Walead Beshty, Christopher Day, Kate Robertson, Cherine Fahd, Justine Varga, and Zoƫ Croggon.

The exhibition will continue until February 2017 with various kinds of conversational sessions. Famous artists will deliver speeches on their work and their concept of photography. Also, there will be Mr. Geoffrey Batchen, the professor, who will enlighten the audience with his special lecture about photography.