Local photographer snatching attention on well known website

Lisa Graham, the Courtenay photographer, continues to make a slush both here in Comox Valley and further. Lisa is bringing in a stellar international repute for her fashion and underwater fine art photography, as seen by the fact that one of her underwater photos was featured recently on website 500px.com.
Her snap of a young woman drew in the waters under a local waterfall gathered over six thousand followers as well as fifty four thousand views in just a matter of days. And the tally goes on to rise. According to reports, Lisa told that it was such an honor to be featured on 500px.com. Almost immediately after the photograph was published, she watched her in-box fill up with thousands of new follower notifications. She eventually had to shut off the notifications feature due to in-box overload.
Few of the comments equated it to paintings by Old Masters, such as Raphael, John William Waterhouse and many people who view her prints think they are paintings.
Lisa recently garnered the ‘Master Photographer in Fine Art’ designation by Master Photographers of Canada, a new professional association which offers a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for their members to adhere to.
Lisa warns that with the huge popularity of the hobby photography, it could be tough for the people to know what to look for when they are in requirement of custom photography services. The Master Photographers of Canada has judged the portfolios of their members and also designated them to one of 5 levels, from the General to Grand Master.